6 Ways to Boost Customer Service in Gaming Industry

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How gaming companies can be friendlier and engage with their customers to encourage retention explained in 6 ways.

FREMONT, CA: Entertainment not only makes users joyous and light-headed but also relieves stress. While games have since forever been a great source of entertainment, the mediums in which they are perpetuated and consumed have resulted in a snowball effect over the years.

64 percent of the general population in the U.S. alone consists of gamers, and the market is expected to reach a total worth of $90 billion by 2020.

Some fundamentals discussing as to why customer services need to be improved in the gaming industry is mentioned. Although it may be extracted from the principles of the software industry, it holds good for the gaming vertical as well.

Though the growth of the gaming industry has been exponential in the recent past, it is also turning competitive. In order to choose between the companies, different parameters like are graphics, soundtracks, cost, and the ability to provide personalized services are considered.

The most efficient way to make the players loyal is to keep them engaged, which is achieved through a mixture of exceptional customer service and analytics-driven points about players.

Several gaming companies now understand the value of good customer service and player analytics. The difference in the service provided depicts the competitive advantage of the company.

It also encourages a substantial growth in the market of the company, ensures the retention of players, and includes the return of investment. Besides, player analytics can be utilized in tandem to recognize the important factors that can add more value to the journeys of the players and budge them into conducting micro-purchases. Service in the Gaming Industry…

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