A Loyal Customer is Worth Millions!

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Quick-serves keep going in their businesses by delivering on to the two crucial aspects, quality, and consistency, to encourage the repeated trips of their customers.

FREMONT, CA: Quick-service businesses that rely on high volumes of low-tack transactions as winning new customers often depends on convenience and location. Location, on the other hand, comes down to proximity to the customer’s home or major roads and highways to capture visitors who are traveling. The process of gaining loyalty is driven by the quality and consistency of the food and customer experience.

Keeping in mind the frequency of visitors, several quick-service brands enjoy the advantage of creating routines among customers as well as having standard meal times and coffee breaks, persistent in a typical day. The quick-service also focuses on increasing the average order size, on a percentage basis to get double-digit profit points. They make attempts to maximize every upsell opportunity, which is mostly done at the counter during the checkout, in general.

Mobile apps and loyalty programs are both critical aspects of an overall loyalty strategy as the most loyal customer are most likely to download and use a quick-service restaurant mobile app. Besides, companies need to enhance the value of the mobile app by providing incentives and offers, which are thoughtfully managed with loyalty programs.

Offering discounts or incentives to regular customers is a hard decision to rationalize for any business leaders. In such cases, brands can start streamlining the loyalty program as a way to protect the customers against their competitors as the fear of losing a client can be a stronger motivator than the possibility of an opportunity again.

An additional method to improve a loyalty program is by truly understanding a customer, irrespective of any incremental business results. Loyalty programs provide a scalable mechanism to capture consumer data and track the ongoing engagement and spending so that a quick-serve brand can figure out so much more about a small subset of its customers.

It is crucial for the brands to step back and redefine loyalty for their business based on the expectations of their customers. Every customer expectation revolves around value, quality, and convenience, and the most exceptional loyalty program tends to focus on reinforcing all the critical components of customer expectations to achieve the ultimate reward. A robust loyalty program can be unique at accelerating devotion among all segments of customers if the operational basics are done right.

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