Advanced Gas Sensors now Available in Market, Improving Safety against Combustible Gases

Expanding the range of products, NevadaNano launched a set of smart gas sensors recently. Their new release, MPS Family of Gas Sensors, has been designed keeping in mind broad applicability across all the environments which come in close contact with combustible gases. Combustible gases safety is essential because gas leaks can be destructive and fatal.

In the industries where combustible gases are used, having a mechanism to detect gas leaks at the earliest is essential. Highly sensitive devices are appropriate to ensure accurate detection of any traces of gas leakage. The three sensors launched by NevadaNano can prove instrumental in enhancing industrial safety. Gas detection in the oil industry, mining industry and in public spaces can become reliable and effective with the new sensors. The impressive part about these products is their compatibility with the existing detection systems, which means, these can be easily incorporated.

The sensors are a result of innovative technologies and are capable of detecting and quantifying several explosive gases, including methane and LGW refrigerants. Compared to the other types of detectors available in the market, these sensors are expected to give better cost-effectiveness and higher reliability. Longevity is another feature of the new sensors that ensure these don’t fail upon exposure to industrial chemicals.

NevadaNano is a company that specializes in sensor technology. They manufacture detectors using Molecular Property Spectrometer for identifying and quantifying gases in the environment. Their products are meant for offices, industries as well as homes, and their technology finds application in fields like agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing and personal health.

Robotiq Collaborates with Industry Leaders to Build High-Performance Cobot Application Solutions:

“Collaboration is not just for robots,” says Annie Giguère, VP of product management and marketing at Robotiq. “Working together with other industry leaders, namely Pickit and Festo, will help us provide manufacturers with better application solutions for their production floor.”

Pickit and Robotiq technologies have been used together in the past in bin-picking applications, leveraging Pickit’s famous 3D vision and Robotiq’s quick-to-production grippers. Robotiq and Pickit will create even better application solutions for the manufacturing sector with these new strategic partnerships.

“At Pickit, we share Robotiq’s positive impact and creative values,” states Bart Houben, VP of sales and marketing. “We’ve worked together in the past and we are excited to launch what we’re creating together.”

“Festo Canada and Robotiq worked closely together to make this partnership a success,” says Achim Kottmann, product manager at Festo. “We are looking forward to launching joint products that will widen access to cobot applications for even more manufacturers.”

Festo is offering its world-class industrial automation product range. Coupled with Robotiq’s philosophy of ease of use and fast integration, manufacturers will profit from a new range of all-in-one solutions to begin production faster than ever before.

“We are proud to be working with Pickit and Festo, both industry leaders in their respective fields of 3D vision and industrial linear motion. Our shared commitment to getting factories automated quickly, easily and efficiently will be multiplied by combining our expertise,” says Samuel Bouchard, CEO of Robotiq.

Robotiq exists to free human hands from repetitive tasks. It is a global leader in cobot application solutions for factories. Manufacturers automate manual tasks utilizing Robotiq’s easy-to-deploy technology, its Lean Robotics deployment procedure, and extended local partner network. Thus, they become more productive while fully using the potential of their skilled workers.

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