Artificial Intelligence: Fueling the Next-gen Automotive Industry

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Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in the automotive industry is not new and AI has already made significant transformations in the automotive arena. IBM Watson’s collaboration with General Motor’s OnStar platform and Toyota’s $1 billion investment in AI-operated self-driving technology, stand testimony to the successful marriage of AI with the automotive technology. With the recent advances in AI technology, especially in the automotive realm, every stakeholder in the industry is aiming to capitalize on AI implementations in next-gen automobiles.

The following trends of the AI automotive industry prove that AI is here to revamp the entire automotive landscape:

Assisted Driving:

The quest for self-driving cars began long back in the 1970s, but without the appropriate technology at disposal, driverless cars remained to be a far-fetched dream for many decades. In the digital era, technology has improved by leaps and bounds and with smart systems, GPS, and predominantly AI, driverless cars are almost here. Although completely autonomous cars haven’t made their way to showrooms yet, tech giants such as Google and Tesla are extensively investing in AI automotive technology and their R&D teams for the same. Read More…

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