Autonomous Food Delivery Bots Launched by Starship

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Starship Technologies in partnership with Sodexo, Inc., recently launched an on-demand food delivery robot service at George Mason University. A fleet of 25 mobile robots was deployed to serve a community of approximately 40,000 students, staff, and faculty. The company stated that it was the implementation of autonomous robot food delivery service on a university campus. Through the Starship Deliveries app that is available via iOS and Android, users can order their food and drinks to be delivered anywhere on the campus. Currently, the retailers in this program include Starbucks, Blaze Pizza, and Dunkin’ Donuts and 2nd Stop, a campus grocery store branded by Sodexo. Each on-demand delivery cost $1.99 excluding food costs.

Users can pin the delivery location through the app where they want the delivery to be sent. Movement of the robot can be watched via an interactive map while the delivery is autonomously completed. Once the robot reaches the destination, the customer will receive an alert, and they can meet the robot and unlock it with the app. Delivery is usually completed within 15 minutes or less; it depends on the menu items and the distance the robot has to travel.

The robots can lift 20 pounds. Starship said that the robots make use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sensor arrays to travel on sidewalks and move around obstacles. The robot can cross streets, travel at night, climb curbs, and function in both rain and snow. Read More…

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