Chatbots to Drive Customer Engagement and Revenue for Automotive Industry

Photo by Moss on Unsplash

The automotive market is quite competitive, and buyers have a wide variety of options. As today’s customers are increasingly tech-savvy, it is becoming essential for the automotive industry to invest in technology such as chatbots. Communicating via chat are more comfortable for customers, which is why chatbots are becoming an integral support service in the industry. Chatbots can help dealers drive both online and in-store traffic in addition to improving the customer experience by reaching consumers in the channel they prefer. Here are ways in which chatbot is transforming the automotive industry.

One of the most anticipated applications of chatbots in transportation services is in ride-sharing. Ride-sharing services are continually improving the quality of their services. But customers still need to rely on conventional human interaction for specific service requests. There will be no need to make a call for extra information, waste time typing messages, or struggle to communicate with the driver. The ride-sharing process will become much simpler, more accurate, and quicker. Read More…

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