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We’re living exciting times, with the automotive industry situated at the confluence of four major trends with extremely broad influence, beyond the boundaries of the classic transportation space:

• Greenhouse gas emissions reduction over the entire lifecycle of the vehicle, promoting the case for alternative energy powertrains, in particular Electrification.

• Vehicle Connectivity, with all V2X aspects, including Vehicle to Vehicle, Vehicle to Device, Vehicle to Pedestrian, Vehicle to Home, Vehicle to Grid and Vehicle to Infrastructure.

• Increased levels of Autonomous vehicle Driving capability, with several of the industry giants racing toward the Level 5 (by SAE/NHTSA standards), which does not require any driver intervention.

• Shared mobility including carsharing (round-trip, one-way, and personal vehicle sharing) and ridesharing (car-pooling, van-pooling). Read More…

I am a technology blogger, who loves to read and write on the latest in technology.

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