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  • Sergey Kumanyaev

    Sergey Kumanyaev

  • chris hems

    chris hems

  • Stewart Hamel

    Stewart Hamel

    I’m 5’11” my favorite color is blue, I like long walks on the beach, and I’m a Sagittarius. (Need a mic drop emoji)

  • Applied Technology Review

    Applied Technology Review

    Technology Magazine for industry experts. https://www.appliedtechnologyreview.com/

  • The Capital

    The Capital

    A publishing platform for professionals to see what’s trending in business, finance, and tech

  • CIO Review

    CIO Review

    Technology Magazine for CIO Review

  • Shruti 🦋

    Shruti 🦋

    An unshakable optimist with an undying passion for writing. Don't forget to visit theviolentheart.com

  • Sonal Mishra

    Sonal Mishra

    Writer | Digital Marketer | Entrepreneur. Good food and a Good Book keep me sane!

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