Food Supply Chain Improved by AI

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FREMONT, CA: By utilizing AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning (ML) to know the actual remaining shelf-life of produce, grocers can precisely plan for when and where to send it. Therefore, there are fewer “surprises” because guesswork (often based on primitive and inaccurate visual assessments) is taken out of the equation. The use of technology has improved inventory management and supply chain visibility in the food and beverage industry.

Application of AI to the Supply Chain:

Retailers are increasingly turning to technology to tackle fresh food supply chain challenges to diminish waste and enhance inventory management. Retailers believe AI’s most potent ability to improve supply chain management lies with the speed and quality of planning insights.

Improvements in the management of the fresh food supply chain result from the use of AI, combined with the right data. AI can optimize the reduction of waste related to overstocking and under-stocking by improving the freshness of the product and streamlining the inventory management process.

IoT Devices Enhancing Data Incorporation:

Conditioned sensors can solve the problem of the inaccessibility of reliable and accurate data by placing an autonomous IoT detector in each pallet at harvest. For instance, an automatic yield of data can be culled about that pallet every minute or at a specific interval of choice. The data fed into the AI-based system requires no manual intervention, so the possibilities of error are virtually eliminated, and labor costs are reduced. Supply Chain Improved by AI…

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