How AI is assisting Health Insurance companies

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Manufacturing, logistics, supply-chain, aerospace, healthcare, education, transportation, energy conservation, defense, agriculture are a few industries which have transformed with the application of AI. In health care sector, AI has helped physicians, patients and also insurance providers in many ways resulting in enhanced and accurate solutions such as to reduced costs, identity protection, improving medical adherence, automatic drug delivery, developing process, determining most effective pharmaceutical compositions and also providing predictive analytics to assist physicians in time of emergencies.

Cost Efficiency

Insurance companies are developing AI-enabled software platforms to recommend customized healthy preventative habits for patients, such as nutrition strategies and exercise. This will lower the cost of preventable healthcare expenditures that can be caused by unhealthy habits.

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The future of AI in the Insurance industry

Insurance companies are adopting AI in claims management, damage analysis through image recognition, automated self-service guidance, and others.


Customers often feel confused at the idea of settling for an Insurance policy because of lengthy documents and complex policies. Intelligent chatbots exceed the capability of Insurance agents and also serve as a virtual assistant in messaging apps on customers’ devices. AI in health insurance…

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