How Modern Technology Helps Farmers Improve Agriculture?

These days, modern culture is facilitated by constant enhancements in digital tools and data as well as the integration of farmers and researchers across the private and public sectors.

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With passing years, more technologies were introduced in agriculture. Today, the farmers are capable of utilizing scientific data and technology for improvising crop yields and keeping themselves updated with the new methods of farming. The following are some examples of how technology is utilized in modern agriculture.

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Ultrasounds for livestock

In agriculture, ultrasound is extremely helpful in checking on baby animals in the womb as well as discovering the meat quality found in an animal before it reaches the market.

DNA testing assists the producers in recognizing animals with good pedigrees and other valuable qualities. This information also helps the farmers in improving the quality of the herds.

Crop sensors

Crop sensors perform the job of sensing how the crop is feeling and help in the reduction of potential leaching and runoff into the groundwater.

Rather than making a prescription fertilizer map for a field prior to going out to apply it, crop sensors give the information about the application equipment how much to apply in real-time.

Besides, optical sensors can see the amount of fertilizer the plant needs on the basis of how much light is reflected back to the sensor.

Using a smartphone for monitoring and controlling crop irrigation systems

With the help of modern technology, a farmer is now able to control his irrigation systems through mobile or computer instead of driving to every field.

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Moisture sensors present in the ground can provide information about the moisture level at certain depths in the soil.

Use of cameras and mobile technology

Livestock managers are linking their pastures and barn feedlots with cameras that provide images to the central location like an office or home computer. This helps them in keeping a check on the animals when they are away or home for the night.

Though it is hard to foretell the future of technology in agriculture, there are certainly many promising trends and pilot projects.

Today, tracking the use and wastage of water with useful information that water meters provide is very important. While demands for water resources are increasing, water utilities and municipalities are also being forced to comply with industry and government regulations and maintain transparency. Data gathered by water metering devices are widely used for decision making on a wide range of management issues like meeting regulatory water quality criteria, recognizing non-regulatory water quality for key users, and implementing a pollution warning system.

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M3 Version 4.0 Enterprise Software Suite from MARS Company includes core application software that assesses water quality control by multi-variant evolution of water quality and monitoring and evaluation of samples. Version 4.0 also measures water quality control by reviewing and recording, checking, and auditing harmful particulate contamination.

Enhancements to the core platform software feature include data analysis & virtualization, data integration, and compliance with AWWA standards & industry. M3 Version 4.0 Enterprise Software Suite improvements also include scale & control software module, advanced software connectivity module, and customer monitoring, reporting, and export system options.

The M3 Enterprise Software Suite is a mix of custom software modules that allow customers to leverage the power of new technology effectively. The M3 Enterprise Software Suite also offers the ability to collect useful meter testing data based on their meter testing services for new and existing customers.

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It is designed as a modular software solution that allows customers to buy what they need when they need it. The M3 Enterprise Software Package consists of the Core System Framework and three additional software packages: the Advanced Connectivity Module, the Advanced Scale and Control Software Module, and the Custom Test Report and Export Module

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