How Technology can Revamp Retail Supply Chains

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A seismic shift can be experienced by all stakeholders in retail arena with the emergence of advanced digital solutions. Many retailers are embarking on the digital tools in the quest to stay relevant in the hyperdynamic and highly competitive retail market.

Supply chain management is one of the topmost priorities for retailers to improve real-time visibility across their distribution channels. An efficient supply chain can work wonders for the productivity and growth of a retail company with improved customer satisfaction. Several retailers are also contemplating the idea of implementing omnichannel retailing as it will allow them to offer their customers with unified shopping experience across all touchpoints.

Retailers recognize the need to revamp the supply chain technology to offer faster response and delivery times to their customers. Here are some of the solutions that can help them to optimize their supply chain:

Shipping execution and tracking: According to American Shipper, 77 percent of companies invest in technology to improve shipping execution. Read More…

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