How Technology is Improving Food Quality

4 min readSep 19, 2019
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Many hotels are still dependent on the traditional clipboard systems, but others are embracing the modern technology in their kitchen areas. The modern tools in the kitchen are not only improving the efficiency of the staff but are also increasing accuracy and safety, along with decreasing food wastage.

Hotels can prevent spoilage, decrease food safety breaches, reduce food waste, and also save a significant amount of money by investing in temperature sensors. Hotels from all sizes starting from large-scale chains to single independent units can benefit by upgrading their commercial kitchen with the latest technologies.

However, many resorts resist such transition as they fear these technologically advanced tools will be complicated and expensive. But, what they do not know is, nowadays, digital solutions have become mainstream within the restaurants and the hospitality industry, which have made them affordable and user-friendly. There are abundant and substantial benefits of the digitalized system.

While many in the hospitality industry continue to depend on the traditional ‘clipboard system,’ others have embraced technology which has improved their accuracy, efficiency, safety, and reduction in food waste. Some of the big wins of technology include:

1. Elevated Safety Checks

With digital tools, employees can conduct more accurate, efficient, and convenient line checks that subsequently improve safety protocols. The team members can also use their mobile phones for conducting inspections and provide instant critical safety measures.

Managers and chefs can also get access to the data in real-time so that they can review the information from any corner of the world and make sure the tasks given are accurately done on time.

2. More Holistic View

For hospitality businesses, it is essential to see the everyday sales information and other significant data across the enterprise. It becomes nearly impossible to get a complete picture of every detail while assessing paper records. On the other hand, technological systems can provide more holistic, integrated, and accurate data, which allows the hotel leaders to visualize each data trends quickly and easily. Besides, records are also available instantly, and staff members do not have to dig through heaps of paperwork just for a document.

3. More Accurate Temperature

Cooking food at the proper temperature is important for chefs. Different customers want the same dish to be at different temperatures. For instance, some may like cold food, and some like it to be piping hot. Cooking food in proper temperature will also reduce food wastage. Digital sensors and thermometers can make sure that the food is cooked at an appropriate temperature and also reduce food safety risks.

Moreover, the new model of sensors can also alert the staffs about temperature fluctuations, which may have occurred due to power failure, human error, or equipment malfunction.

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4. Streamlining Process

The important reason for which these tools are appreciated by chefs and managers is its ability to simplify and centralize the information in the kitchen. For example, if there is a power cut in the middle of the night, the employees will instantly know about it, like the time of power cut and for how long it was out. All this information is essential for the safety of food and to prevent waste. Technology has become an enormous savior for the hotel staffs as it saves a lot of their time and maintains efficiency.

5. Spending More Time on What They Love

Nobody loves to do the paperwork associated with their jobs, and it is the same with chefs and their teams. However, it is crucial to do them as it boosts the safety and profitability of the restaurants. Now, hotels have the chance to streamline the paperwork by making it digital. When the paperwork is done digitally, it becomes more accurate and faster. Digital tools are convenient for completing inspections, quality-assurance checks, inventory, ordering, and other daily essential tasks. When the cooks do not have to take care of all these, they can focus on what they love to do, such as cooking food, greeting guests, and creating new menu items.

Mobile workflow application and sensor technologies will drastically improve the hotel kitchen’s safety, efficiency, and profitability while reducing food safety risks and preventing food wastage. The modern kitchen tools are also not only affordable but are user-friendly.

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