Innovative Tools to Improve Agriculture Efficiencies

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Information is Power. With so many software tools available for each segment of agriculture it is now possible to manage, track, analyze and make decisions based on a variety of metrics. For example, a farmer can track and manage a farm’s effect on the environment using tools such as EnviroAg’s CAFOpro. This tool enables tracking and making proper decisions to be compliant with the EPA related to wastewater, runoff and standing water. It is a collection point for all of the data and documents necessary to insure compliance. Another software tool is Poultry Management Systems’ NOAH system. NOAH collects data regarding the environment and controls the amount of water and feed available for the laying hens. It also manages lighting and temperature to insure the best environment for laying hens. Using software tools to collect and analyze data enables those in the egg business to be better stewards of their most precious commodity, the laying hens that produce the eggs.

Utilizing virtualization combined with private cloud computing enables capacity to ramp up and down without having to pay for the peak capacity 100% of the time.

ERP’s Impact on the Food and Beverage SectorOne of the major ways it can insure better efficiency is by providing information to verify the accuracy of product to meet the customers’ specifications and expectations. Read More…

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