Label Design: Automation in Production Chain

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Digital printing for packaging has become a standard for packaging converters and brand owners in the last decade from a niche application. Innovative marketing and engagement can now become possible, digitally printed packaging can faster market product, enhance customer loyalty and, above all, increase profits. A new paradigm rose in 2017: high-quality packaging using a range of digital print formats, substrates, and inks. However, the challenge was how “conventional” commercial printers could cost-efficiently add this technology to their shops. The industry is undergoing massive changes in the printing and converting for packaging through labels, flexible packaging, plywood boxes, and corrugated boards. All converters need to understand and to be prepared for the major challenges ahead.

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Managing various interfaces between various devices and between Brand Owner, Agency, Printer, and Converter is one of the biggest challenges. The automation will contribute to fully optimizing the operation of the machines and will enable efficient communication between the ordering, the manufacturer and all the others. While printers and converters use a lot of energy to select the most productive machines, the complexity of the whole workflow can sometimes be underestimated. The stability of their cost of inputs of raw materials and the inflation of raw material prices for clients as much as possible is crucial to packaging companies. The decrease in the quantity of material used in the production of packaging has become extremely important for both producers and their customers. Read More…

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