Major Technological Trends That are Disrupting Conventions

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AI, AR, and VR have made a huge impact in recent years. The autonomous vehicle industry has also experienced the power of innovations that have helped to demystify some of the complexities in the adoption of autonomous vehicles. Here are some of the innovations that are expected to gain momentum this year.

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Autonomous Vehicles: Autonomous vehicles have been riding on the wave of innovations in recent years. Many companies like Alphabet, AZ, Uber, and others are working on solutions to launch driverless taxi services. Although driverless car technology has crossed many hurdles in the path of innovation, there are still a few roadblocks in its full-scale adoption. Some driverless car accidents halted anticipated deployments in autonomous cars. However, the introduction of major automotive giants has provided a significant boost to the driverless car industry and it is expected to touch mainstream within a few years.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence technology has shown steady growth since its inception. The technology is gaining momentum by offering diverse solutions for companies through data analysis. Read More…

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