Managing Risk in the Food Manufacturing Industry

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“What do you consider the biggest threat to your company?”

It sounds like a simple question, but ask five different departments within the structure of any business and you’re likely to get five different answers. The CEO thinks it’s the impact of an unstable economy. The head of sales thinks it’s losing that one big customer. The CFO can’t sleep at night worrying about where the next crippling lawsuit is coming from.

But when you drill down to the people in the corporate trenches — the line employees, supervisors, plant workers — particularly within the food industry, the responses usually revolve around issues dictated by employee safety and the impact it has on workers’ compensation costs.

Managing risk is a complex and full-time job for food industry executives, fraught with risks that many other industries don’t have, particularly in areas such as regulatory compliance, reputational risk, product recall, supply chain breakdowns, HACCP, safety, quality control, quality assurance and so forth. Read More…

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