Mavrck: Harnessing the Power of Influencer Marketing

In the era of influencer marketing, every marketer’s question is: how do you find, recruit, and engage with the right influencers for your brand? While the traditional vetting had been based on standard metrics like follower count or engagement rates, marketers are finding that it is no longer enough to use proxy metrics as a gauge for success. It is also critical to find the most relevant influencers who can authentically build trust with your target audience for your brand. For instance, micro-influencers who are passionate brand advocates are good choices for newly established brands or products that need to build both awareness and trust.

Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder and CEO
Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder and CEO

Mavrck, a leading influencer marketing platform, helps brands precisely identify these relevant creators through different demographic and psychographic segmentation criteria. The company’s eponymous platform uses a patented algorithm and first-party data to distinguish different influencer personas based on more than 20 criteria, including their audience demographics, historical performance, and fraud risk.

“Our platform is like four products in one. It combines the functionality of an influencer search engine with campaign management, email marketing, and communication workflows, as well as analytics and reporting capabilities,

says Lyle Stevens, co-founder and CEO of Mavrck. “It’s purpose-built to create a seamless end-to-end experience for integrated influencer, advocacy, referral, and loyalty marketing programs at scale.”

As a result, brands can not only use the Mavrck platform to discover and activate relevant social media influencers but also manage, incentivize, and track their results. For instance, the platform can be used to send personalized notifications to thousands of influencers in more than seven languages, as well as to review and share feedback on influencer content before they are posted online. Marketers can even use the platform to automatically track whether influencers have posted, all while adhering to FTC compliance guidelines.


The automated analytics and reporting capabilities of the Mavrck platform further allow marketers to get real-time campaign performance reports and track conversions with pixel tracking. This enables marketers to measure their sales and ROI at a more granular level.

Marketers can also use the platform to collect product reviews and market research data from different influencer personas: micro-influencers, advocates, referrers, and loyalists. Moreover, marketers are able to incentivize influencers from the platform with cash, gift cards, discount codes, loyalty points, or exclusive product samples based on activation (i.e., their engagement with the brand through content creation or feedback generation). Such unique features, inarguably, make the Mavrck platform popular among marketers as they can offer multiple reward options from a single platform and amass a higher number of more relevant influencers at the right cost to maximize their ROI.

Recently, one of Mavrck’s long-time clients from the footwear and apparel industry decided to use the innovative features and functionalities to scale a unique ambassador program in collaboration with over 4,000 influencers. The brand activated Instagram influencers to create content and then asked them to review and rate newly-launched shoes. Those reviews were then syndicated to many ecommerce websites like and others. The brand also used the Mavrck platform to gather insights into what features influencers wanted to see in a new pair of shoes to further improve their future product lines. Read More…

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