Modern Food Chain with Advanced Technology

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or any event, the utmost importance is given to the food. Foods purchased online, or from grocery shops have their own story from where there came, and journey to the dining table. This journey will have a huge impact on human safety. An example of the impact is the recent E. Coli Outbreak where tons of prepackaged romaine lettuce were distributed nationwide which led to causing health issues in many. Before the source was traced, the outbreak has sparked 36 states with 200 diseased cases along with the lives of five people, according to Centers for Disease Control AND Prevention. Moreover, the conventional process of identifying food roadmap through workforce is found to be more time consuming and error-prone.

The advent of blockchain technology with its revolutionary shared ledger technology helps in solving complex problems, and storage of digital transaction records within the distributed framework. Its distributive, transparent, and flexible properties help businesses to benefit by saving time and cost, all with high-end security. Mark Parzygnat, program director at IBM blockchain, has predicted that the E. coli outbreak could have been easily identified more quickly with blockchain and may have saved a lot of lives. Integrating blockchain technology with food chain companies can easily track and trace the origin of food products at a faster rate. Furthermore, for customers, blockchain is a platform to capture data about product history. Read More…

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