Opportunities 3D Printing Offers to the Automotive Industry

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Photo by Nicate Lee on Unsplash

Advancement in additive manufacturing technology has transformed the way of products design, development, manufacture, and distribution. It is also known as 3D printing where the advancements have paved the way for newer designs, cleaner, lighter, and safer products. The cost of manufacturing is reduced in the automotive industry through this technology. 3D in the automotive industry is in the rise where the new applications are developed for the subsequent production of the products.

Ford, the American automaker, is 3D printing parts for the upcoming Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 car to save the costs. This model will have two 3D printed brackets, which hold the brake line. Ford announced a $45 million investment in manufacturing the enclosure for the 3D printers.

BMW has been using 3D printing for more than 25 years, and recently, it has leveraged 3D printing to create some interesting concept cars. BMW Group matched its one-millionth 3D-printed component in series production, which is manufactured by HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology. Within a span of 24 hours, 100 window guide rails can be produced. The manufactured part is a window guide rail for the BMW i8 Roadster. Read More…

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