Overcoming Supply Chain Risks in the Food Industry

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

The supply chain in the food industry is evolving and becoming increasingly complex. Companies must understand the challenges they face and potential solutions to manage food security risks in today’s environment. Some of the key challenges include company organization and governance, recall management, marketplace evolution, a balance between cost reduction and risk mitigation, and difficulty in defining supply chains beyond tier one. These challenges should be addressed by companies so that they can proactively identify and react to food safety and quality risks. An organization, which demonstrates leadership activities, should develop food safety and quality culture across the company. The culture of companies is essential to anticipate that food security is a priority for the company, and it supports the structure of governance and supervision.

To effectively manage the challenges facing the world market, organizations, which provide accurate documentation, traceability, and control, must reduce complexities within their supply chains. Supply chain documentation will proactively identify potential risks and support the mitigation of those risks, thereby protecting brands and meeting ever-changing consumer demands. Investing in integrative IT systems, the blockchain, end-to-end documenting of the supply chain, as well as the creation of food safety capability will be needed to address problems faced by organizations and their supply chain partners. Read More…

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