Predicting Your Next Car Purchase

Photo by Eduardo Flores on Unsplash

Last year I recall a friend of mine saying it’s crazy that it seems like every other house in his neighborhood had a Chevrolet Corvette in their garage. My friend is a 45-year-old professional living in suburban Detroit. He is married with two teenagers. During the last 20 years, he and his wife have seen 19 vehicles come and go in their own garage. He is fairly particular about his vehicle choices and has always had domestic or German brands. Not surprisingly, in 2000 after their first child was born, they leased three minivans in a row.

Recently he sold a Porsche that he had owned for about five years. Six months later, he pulled into his driveway with a sleek new Corvette Stingray. He told me that he had spent significant time researching his new ride online, using configuration websites and even the Chevrolet website for almost a year ahead of the purchase. The funny thing about his experience is that he does not remember ever getting targeted through a marketing campaign to purchase a new Stingray. Read More…

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