Prerequisite of Big Data in Self-driving Cars

Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

A self-driving car (autonomous car) has been a popular part of social imagining for decades. While much of uncompleted conversations surrounding self-driving cars are centered on moral dilemmas like the ways to respond in the event of a crash. The implementation of big data can ease these issues in the future of autonomous vehicles. Continues development in IoT (Internet of Things) will also play a vital role in creating the appropriate environment for an autonomous vehicle.

The simplest reason to have big data in autonomous cars is to operate well. It is evident that self-driving cars are equipped with cameras and sensors because they are used to survey and interact with the environment. These would become useless without getting access to a reliable stream of data. The fact about the autonomous vehicle is they are incapable of operating safely unless they get access to these data. This is where IoT comes into play.

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It is predicted that autonomous cars are also developing gut feelings as human do; this does not mean that it will be smart enough to save the day. Hence, autonomous cars will require the help of data and human to prevent accidents. Read More…

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