Quality Assurance (QA) Testing for Defect-free Applications

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Quality Assurance (QA) is a measure taken to implement defect-free applications. Software testing helps to finalize the application or product for the needs of business and users. It is important to have good test coverage to test the software application fully, and to ensure it performs well and in accordance with the specifications.

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Software Quality Analysis (SQA) consists of methodologies and techniques for evaluating the processes and methods, tools and technologies used to ensure the quality of the software developed. SQA is typically achieved by using well-defined standards, including tools and processes, for quality control to ensure software integrity and reliability.

Black box testing is done without knowing about the internal structure of the code and is done for the higher level of testing like User acceptance testing or System testing. But In White box testing the internal structure of the code is known to the tester who will test the software, testing is done in a lower level of testing like Unit testing or integration testing. Read More…

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