Redefining Supply Chain Management

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How do you see the benefits of cloud computing for the Manufacturing and Supply Chain industry, and how have you embraced it?

Ryder has and continues to implement and evaluate the increased use of cloud computing, both Infrastructure as a Service and Platforms as a Service, to ensure we continue providing reliable, flexible, and scalable solutions for our customers. Balancing the benefits and risks (i.e. security, access, etc.) is important to ensure we maximize value. There is no doubt the manufacturing and supply chain technology industry are migrating rapidly, giving us many options to consider as we continue to evolve our technology portfolio. Additionally, it also has the following advantages:

• Scalability and Elasticity: Leverage cloud to quickly scale and adjust to workloads.

• Connectivity: Providing visibility in real-time, ability to touch and influence.

• Intelligence: Connected devices combined with analytics, cognitive and smart apps on cloud providing our customers access to real-time information and decision making.

“Real-time visibility into status, locations, and activities of assets does and will improve the overall efficiency for end-to-end processing”

Companies are moving fast towards cloud-based TMS. Please share how this is affecting end-to-end supply chain? Read More…

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