Resuscitation Suite by HealthStream Providing a New Standard of Quality

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HealthStream, a leading workforce and solution provider in the healthcare industry, recently announced its launch of American Red Cross Resuscitation suite. The new suite comprises of Basic Life Support, Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Advanced Life Support (ALS) competency-development curricula. Healthcare professionals who demonstrate proficiency in life-saving resuscitation skills and knowledge will be offered a certificate by the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite. The new suite was developed by education experts and Red Cross Healthcare in partnership with HealthStream. The organization works cordially for the betterment of resuscitation outcomes. Institute of Medicine stated that 200,000 adult cardiac arrests per annum are reported in the U.S. hospitals — and on an average, only 24 percent survive.

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The launch of Red Cross Resuscitation Suite provides the healthcare professionals with highly adaptive, updated, competency-development solution. It offers a new standard of resuscitation competency and quality. Each of the three syllabuses (PALS, BLS, and ALS) incorporates a flexible learning approach with pre-assessments, aiding more impactful, personalized learning plans with direct competency development. The methods save time and increase the effectiveness in learning and improve student’s engagement. Read More…

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