Ridecell and Dataspeed Collaborate to Augment Autonomous Vehicle Safety

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Ridecell Inc., a leading developer of complete research and development autonomous vehicle (AV) integrations, partnered with Dataspeed Inc., a recognized drive-by-wire solution provider to improve safety performance in autonomous vehicles.

They decided to utilize the AV and drive-by-wire data from Self-driving road tests conducted by Auro, the self-driving division of Ridecell, to develop augmented safety solutions for autonomous vehicles. The companies will leverage their autonomous technology and knowledge to conduct new tests in real-time to enhance AV safety.

Dataspeed provides drive-by-wire control systems with worldwide vehicle integrations. The partnership with Ridecell will facilitate extensive data collection from Auro self-driving vehicles licensed in 2018 by California State for on-road testing. Ridecell has made AV safety its top priority and aims to combine its efforts with Dataspeed to improve safety for all drive-by-wire AVs.

The integration of Auro’s autonomous technology and the quality engineered drive-by-wire vehicle controls will improve not only AV data collection but also data logging and analytics. The feedback generated from the data analytics will be used to enhance the advanced drive-by-wire controls of autonomous vehicles. The verification and documentation of AV performance and safety will be done using rich data logging, which will allow third-party users to evaluate the efficiency of the integration in real-time environments. Autonomous vehicle safety…

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