Spreading Malware through Social Media Memes: Latest Cyberattack Means

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Today, everybody uses social media for personal and commercial purposes. Memes are one of the reasons why people use social media for long hours. Recent social media information shows that memes are used not only for fun purposes but also for hacking. After hearing the news, individuals remember the incident happened during the U.S. elections in 2016. Russia’s interference in the U.S. elections made the whole world turn back. At that time, social media has been filled with memes and videos related to that issue. Memes gradually caught the attention of people. Recently, Trojan has been detected as a new threat related to memes. The code hidden in the meme can perform various malicious operations. Cybercriminals have started using memes to capture screenshots, steal passwords and username, and gain access to the victim’s system.

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Cybercriminals produce memes with embedded information in it using steganography technology. Researchers at Trend Micro have identified the trace of malware memes in the twitter account. Once the malware is downloaded in the system, it automatically downloads several malicious memes from twitter accounts. Once the meme is downloaded, the malware is installed in the victim’s system without leaving any trace in it. Read More…

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