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What is financial Technology?

Financial Tech Review is a technology Magazine which provides a knowledge network for financial services. It also provides news updates on the current issues faced in the financial industry and their solutions.

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Fin-tech has been a reappearing, quick creating part inside the money related administrations industry for quite a while and has been spearheaded by the individuals who are creating or developing new advances to alter the way money related markets generally work. Fin-tech has to a great extent made interruption for huge banks and customary money related establishments as it identifies with normal practices. One straightforward-case of this interruption can be found in various versatile applications that offer-stock exchanging without charging clients any expenses per exchange.

Benefits of Financial Technology:

The following are some of the major advantages of financial technology for our economic sectors.

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1. Customer Services And Revenue:

  • Through improving effectiveness and boosting profitability, Fintech upgrades the nature of conventional money related organizations. The open doors keep on developing as banks and credit associations see fintech organizations as partners on this way, instead of certain organizations selling items. By offering better and current types of assistance, the client degrees of consistency of organizations make certain to develop bringing about more benefits.

2.Further Service Scope:

  • Fintech permits organizations to utilize creative innovation to expand their scope and zones of administration. Money related innovation organizations are utilizing versatile availability. This can expand the quantity of individuals who can utilize this sort of administration and furthermore improve exchange quality and accommodation. With clients having the choice of utilizing cell phones and tablets to deal with their accounts, an organization can smooth out its tasks.

What’s the Essence of Data Analytics in Hedge Funds?

Hedge funds involve a higher level of complexity than other funds. As a result, hedge funds require more analytical prowess to address the complexity as well as asymmetric returns. Further, hedge funds analysis is not alien to the rapid expansion of data in the past few years. The complex hedge fund operations can be managed via advanced data analytics. Such an analytics solution will consider a number of aspects that can impact the performance of the hedge fund. The data analytics will also help to unite the large amounts of consumer and public data with numerical optimization.

Hedge funds are evaluated for both relative as well as absolute return performance. While the above evaluation is also done for mutual funds, the process is complex for hedge funds as there a variety of strategies whose effectiveness may differ based on the uniqueness of the hedge funds. For instance, absolute returns enable the investor to categorize the fund in comparison to the more conventional types of investments. Absolute returns are also known as total returns that monitor the loss or gain experienced by a fund. On the other hand, relative returns enable an investor to estimate a fund’s attractiveness as compared to other investments. Determination of performance over certain timer periods like five-year annualized returns is the key to evaluating relative returns. Therefore, an advanced analytics solution is much needed to capture the above complexities associated with hedge funds.

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Data analytics is largely used for quantitative funds. Quantitative funds or quant fund selects securities by using the capabilities of the latest quantitative analytics. While analysts and investment managers comprise the major part of the team along with traders in standard hedge funds, quant hedge funds require additional talent in programming and quant. Such a team might include programmers and statisticians who develop analytical tools to help the traders. The main objective of the analytics solutions is to assist the traders in unraveling patterns, signals, and correlations that can enable them to outperform the market.

While analytics is an important aspect of trading, its essence can be largely felt in hedge fund management. Data-driven analytics solution will allow the hedge fund managers to beat the market to gain better returns.

Important Facts about RegTech

RegTech, as the term suggests, is referred to technologies which are involved in making businesses regulatory compliant. As defined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK, RegTech is the process of adopting technology in order to stay ahead of any compliance regulations. The implementation of RegTech enables businesses to monitor regulatory obligations at regular intervals, and assess compliance with the current regulations. Similar to Fintech, Paytech, and Insurtech, the RegTech space is also steadfastly transforming, thanks to the rapid technological advancements in the industry.

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What led to the RegTech wave?

The development of RegTech dates back to 2008, when the financial crisis, teamed with the strict business regulations hindered the growth of businesses.

The government levied unreasonable penalties and fines on banks provided they were unable to comply with the newly proposed regulations. It was then that banks and other financial institutions decided to focus more on risk management activities and compliance aspects, in an effort to mitigate the impact that the penalties and fines had on the organizations. After the FCA officially adopted RegTech in November 2015, via an announcement in the Call for Input, The Institute of International Finance (IIF) established a working group for RegTech.

Why is RegTech so important for modern businesses?

The key features of RegTech make it one of the most inevitable solutions for modern business needs. To begin with the benefits of RegTech, reports are configured as well as generated at a high speed. Businesses can integrate and operate almost any solution in a shorter period. Leveraging the Extract Transfer Load (ETL) technology, companies can de-clutter data sets, thereby facilitating easy data analysis. This makes way for easy decision-making processes, with a bigger understanding of data and unlocking its full potential. That is not all; RegTech empowers businesses to utilize the same data to achieve multiple objectives.

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The technologies leveraged in RegTech:

The technologies utilized in the RegTech industry are cloud-based; most technologies need to be responsive and flexible to the changing IT landscape and regulations. Companies which have adopted RegTech require these technologies in order to stay ahead of the competitive curve:

• Big data, including current techniques deployed in data visualization

• Blockchain technology, which is imperative for secure information sharing, both within and outside the organization premises.

  • Interpretation of unstructured data via machine learning. This kind of data includes social media posts as well as emails, along with data received from biometrics and Application Programming Interface (API).
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I am a technology blogger, who loves to read and write on the latest in technology.

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I am a technology blogger, who loves to read and write on the latest in technology.

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