Technology’s Role in Defining the Future of Food Industry

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Photo by Mohammad Saifullah on Unsplash

Today’s technology is a driving force for innovation that challenges even the most established companies to modernize and rethink how they remain relevant. No industry is impervious to technological progress’ revolutions. Some industries, however, realize the need for these transformations slower than others. The food industry has lagged behind others for long, plagued by archaic practices and an increasingly enraged base for consumers. However, technology and innovative ideas have finally overcome consumer outrage. Technology affects almost every move, by even influencing people’s food choices.

The shift of the population from rural to urban life will significantly increase demands for future food supplies and shorter, more efficient supply chains. Furthermore, wealth inequality continues to increase, creating economic disparities in access to healthy food between socio-economic and income groups. Healthy eating is a growing trend in developed nations across the world.

Many companies like IBM, have developed blockchain implementations to track the delivery of food. The reason behind these implementations is to scan the product and know the complete information about the product like where was it grown and when was its shipment made. This can avoid the waste if contamination is found. Read More…

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