Top 10 HR Analytics Solution Companies

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The recent advancement in HR analytics has begun to present promising opportunities for the HR industry and professionals in general. The analytics presents a platter of good and bad trends that point at how HR leaders and practitioners are not merely looking at analytics but are successfully leveraging the analytics to make an impact. That being said, the room for growth in this sector is still infinite. However, over time, the goal of a people analytics project is going to remain gathering and understanding the connection between data — source-derived and KPIs — that will prove to be the guiding light for an organization’s HR department.

When it comes to HR analytics, the thumb rule remains unchanged as for other forms of analytics — Data is God. For the HR build an effective employee experience strategy, it is imperative that more feedback opportunities are created to take feedback, without using standardized survey system. In today’s data-hungry world, organizations’ HR departments often find themselves drowning in the ocean of siloed data while trying the gasp the air of results. To break free from this never-ending whirlpool of data, HR organizations need to streamline the fuel going into the analytics engine. By taking 2–3 surveys per year, the data used for the analytics results are bound to be more genuine.

To drive this thirst to provide better employee experience, the HR market is consolidating based on the foundational strategy to integrated employee recorded from different platforms. Against this backdrop, solution providers will hold the trend for data integration close while also implementing analytics innovations into tools and technology. Using the multiple data sources, organizations can effectively build an employee’s life cycle, and consolidation of all the life cycles can help organizations forecast the turnover. From a broader perspective, the use of multiple types of employee data can provide organizations with powers that were previously unheard of. And, the future of that power is finally here.

Further, in the months to come, solution providers are bound to move from offering only intelligence via analytics to delivering data-driven actions. Advanced analytics have made it possible to move past, merely thinking about survey results. These abilities are what will ultimately yield the impact and return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, riding the wave of digitization, the first significant breakthrough of AI is expected to hit the recruiting/hiring space very soon, and businesses need to be ready to jump on the bandwagon as that happens.

To help companies navigate through the best-breed HR analytics solutions provider, HR Tech Outlook has compiled this edition on top 10 HR analytics solutions providers. Through a distinguished panel comprised of CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, HR Tech Outlook’s editorial group, we have evaluated and shortlisted 10 organizations that have significantly stood out as some of the most prominent players in the HR analytics arena for the year 2019. The organizations featured in this issue through their business knowledge and industry prowess have established their eminence in the HR analytics sector.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 HR Analytics Solution Providers — 2019.”

Top HR Analytics Companies

BullseyeEngagement LLC

Provides highly configurable HR solutions for talent development and employee engagement


Claro is a global platform that helps organizations identify and recruit diverse talent faster, improve employee engagement and reduce voluntary attrition. The company’s unique workforce analytics platform enables clients to understand the ‘job seeking behaviors’ of the global workforce by leveraging social data and sentiments. The advanced B2B analytics platform from Claro operates similarly to a search engine and indexes public data, enabling companies to pinpoint imaginative talent and their location based on public data, in order to persuade them in joining the firm. Having carved out a niche of its own in the market, Claro has assisted numerous clients in efficiently managing their workforce talent and beefing up retention rates


DecisionWise LLC was founded in 1995 and is a management consultancy company dedicated to evaluation feedback and growth. DecisionWise offers information about organizational and person results, ability and culture on its industry-leading online survey software platform. The consultancy team works with organizations to make individual and organizational efficiency more productive using this evaluation information. DecisionWise’s essential facilities include staff engagement and activity scheduling surveys, online surveys, feedback from 360 degrees, management training, talent assessment and development among organizations. The organization improves management intelligence by using polls, evaluations, reviews, training and coaching


Greenwich.HR delivers real-time labor market intelligence to enterprises in a practical, timely, and comprehensive manner. The company’s solutions offer richer information to broader audiences at substantially lower costs, ushering in transparency and efficiency into the market. The top-notch and advanced data platform from Greenwich.HR allows many tech-savvy organizations and thought-leaders to gain first-hand insights on developments happening in the labor market, in real-time. By making better quality information much more accessible, the company opens up the doors to brilliant innovation. Clients can directly access its data sets using their existing applications without purchasing any tedious licenses or implementing new architectures


MicroStrategy is an HR Analytics Solution Provider that delivers innovative software that empowering people to make better decisions and transform the way they do business. The company offers an integrated platform that enables recruiters to integrate data from their core HR platforms such as talent management, performance, payroll, and education systems, giving them a single, unified view of their organizations’ workforce. It also provides analytical and mobile solutions to HR professionals that help them leverage the data while enabling the professionals to optimize staffing levels better, recruit and retain employees more effectively, fine-tune compensation packages, increase productivity, and boost employee engagement


Perceptyx revolutionizes the staff survey and analytics sector, provides company-level polls and analytics for employees. With its unique technology platform and its custom-made, flexible strategy, Perceptyx enables customers to gain insights deep inside large and complex organizations that lead to significant actions aimed at improving business results. Together with its profound intellectual curiosity and innovation culture, Perceptyx challenges the status quo, which helps people and organizations prosper. Perceptyx strikes a balance of technology and service by providing real-time insight using software-as-a-service technology, customizing it to match the unique culture and product of a brand


ENGAGE is a hiring platform that is powered by AI, helping businesses to discover new talents that they have not found through traditional techniques and pools. In order to generate talent profiles on 100M Professionals, ENGAGE aggregates data from over 30K sources. ENGAGE’s AI, and Machine Learning Engine predicts the probability of a contestant responding to a discussion about the eventual shift in their work and advises individual messages depending on variables like their professional development. The product of the organization enables recruiters to link new talent pools to the correct message at the right time

Geometric Results, Inc.

Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI), MSX International’s entirely-owned subsidiary is a world-renowned, independent supplier of extended solutions for its customers, manage over $4 billion. In terms of the employee providers and VMS technology platforms, it maintains an independent position. The alternatives of GRI deliver customer management for the overall expanded workforce program, including contracting activities and provider leadership, payment facilities and sophisticated analytics. GRI remains a leader in the development of solutions and serves customers in 70 countries with proprietary services, including STARS Continuous Improvement and Acquisition of Outsourced Projects and Services (PrOPS) technology


OrgAnalytix supports leaders in establishing dominant, trustworthy integrated teams. This organization offers a thorough understanding of customer teams without having to deal with proprietary systems or personal data or asking for time-consuming and often biased personal views. The state-of-the-art technology of OrgAnalytix is supported by proving Network Science and Machine Learning and offers managers with quick insights into their teams and staff behavior. The Process OrgAnalytix is simple and easy to execute in any size or form of business and enables executives to comprehend concealed blind spots in interactions rapidly. Leaders and HR managers are given complete transparency in how they can strengthen their teams and create confidence across different organizations


TrustSphere is a well-known Relationship Analytics leader. TrustSphere enables companies to use their corporate communication network to leverage the most useful asset. TrustSphere creates and retains its connection chart by evaluating log information from business communication and cooperation technologies like email, and by using sophisticated information modelling & machine learning. TrustSphere estimates the social assets of personal workers, groups and organizations as a whole through the study of the Organizational Network Analysis. The wide range of analytical insights helps customers around the world to face essential business challenges, such as productivity of the workforce, sales effectiveness and business-wide collaboration.

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