Top 10 Insurance Agency Management Solution Companies

Today, a considerable amount of challenges continue obscuring the protection scene. From one perspective, protection offices need to battle with out of line rivalry and stringent guidelines. On the other, they are doing combating through working edges. Developing client requirements for top tier arrangements confuse the opposition considerably more. Essentially reducing working expenses won’t get insurance agencies very far enough. They have to investigate their corporate resources strategically and receive an imaginative methodology. Thusly, they won’t just improve their business tasks yet additionally become quicker contrasted and their rivals.

Verifiably, redistributing of protection organization tasks is not yet clear as a method for diminishing operational costs by abusing the advantages of work discretion. Redistributing will change the protection forms altogether, giving more noteworthy adaptability by opening up significant resources. Protection organization the board arrangements will help protection offices in taking care of their business proficiently. Their instruments offer showcasing computerization capacities just as CRM stages to permit operators to fortify associations with their possibilities and customers. Such frameworks likewise incorporate back-office usefulness, for example, contract assortment and computerized work processes to upgrade the endeavors of the representative.

So as to help protection organizations, who battle right now, current version of Insurance CIO Outlook brings you, “Top 10 Insurance Agency Management Solution Providers — 2020”. The administration arrangements offered by these organizations help protection offices engage and advance their inner business forms over the whole protection lifecycle for all protection gatherings — property and loss, life and annuities, reinsurance, etc.


iInsure is the first agency management ecosystem that simply re-engineers the way insurance works. This ecosystem allows consumers and small businesses to shop, compare, purchase and service all of their insurance needs from multiple competing carriers on a single digital platform. iInsure is the first insurance ecosystem platform built to connect insurance buyers and all of their lifetime insurance needs with an infinite number of insurance carriers in a single, virtuous insurance agency ecosystem, replacing the current, highly fragmented and antiquated customer acquisition, quoting and policy issuance model

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Trinilogics provides cutting-edge agency management system software solutions. Trinilogics JAMS offers effortless compatibility with local computers, on-premise data centers, or cloud-based systems, enabling insurance agencies to select the best working environment for them according to their agency’s specific needs. JAMS allows admins the customization ability to set different user profiles to define the level of access for different users.The ability for customization is an important feature of JAMS, understanding that some companies feel comfortable using, say Microsoft Office 365 or QuickBooks over other options for their accounting. Trinilogics can seamlessly add those functionalities for its clients to ensure that everything is tied together in one place

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Agency AutomationTEAM

Agency AutomationTEAM is a provider of insurance agency management services. The company provides its clients with better insurance services to increase their productivity. Agency AutomationTEAM provides its clients with the information that will help in further bolstering their organizational development a whole lot faster and better. The company is efficient in agency automation, workflows, creating workflow manuals, productivity strategies, automated marketing, and training agencies on how to use their management systems. Agency AutomationTEAM is processing tasks like endorsements, renewals, etc in a more efficient way

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ApplicInt USA

Applicnt’s speciality InsuranceComplete is a flexible mobile platform that provides users with access to accounts, contact information, sales tools, commission and license information and status updates. The mobile platform is accessible from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Integration with the full suite of ApplicInt products enhances the selling and reporting capabilities of the platform. InsuranceComplete supports the relationship between a business and its customers like the CRMs which have emerged at present. The company also provides agencies and agents with the tools proven to support those relationships

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Benefitter Insurance Solutions

Benefitter Insurance Solutions is committed to make health benefits sustainable through the services and solutions offered to brokers. The company values the perspectives of brokers and the employers it works with, who together play vital roles in supporting workers’ search for affordable financial protection. Its SaaS-based platform provides employers with solutions for employee health coverage. Benefitter Insurance Solutions guides employees throughout the insurance selection method. The company eliminates employees from the stress and uncertainty associated with buying a cost-effective plan by even suggesting the doctors they require and the care they need

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ClearConnect Solutions

ClearConnect Solutions assists the insurance industry with the supervision of risk through niche services, products, and partnerships centered on compliance assessment and risk analysis. The company’s compliance technology, ClearTrac works as a one-stop-shop to conduct training, verify compliance, and collect necessary documents and data to take the pressure out of managing compliance. ClearTrac gives its customers a top-down view of each insured to ensure ongoing compliance. The company guides the prospective insureds through a line-by-line assessment of the factors that drive underwriting decisions

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Founded in 2016, CoverWallet offers brilliant solutions to help small businesses with their insurance needs. The company combines deep analytics with excellent designs and other technologies for delivering seamless user experience, providing savings, customized coverage, and best-in-class customer services. CoverWallet’s online platform ensures covering every aspect of its clients’ business that includes general liability, business owner policy, commercial property, errors and omissions, employment practices liability insurance, and many others. The company is specialized in offering administrative services and building maintenance. For insurance agents, the company provides one quick application for complete end-to-end experiences

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GenZ Systems

Strategy and technology consulting firm that helps the clients leverage new software and hardware innovations to reshape their business, devise new products or transform their organization

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Imperial PFS

Imperial PFS is the pioneer in insurance premium financing solutions. The company serves as an indispensable partner, ensuring a seamless premium finance experience for both agents and account holders. Imperial PFS enables companies to finance their insurance premiums for flexibility to use their working capital more effectively. The company believes that freeing up capital can allow businesses to focus on product development, hiring new employees, marketing, and other investments to grow the organization. As an independent, privately-held company, Imperial PFS provides faster, customized solutions to its customers

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Quotit Corporation is a pioneering internet application service provider for the health insurance industry. The company’s internet software empowers insurance organizations to boost productivity and mitigate costs by directly connecting insurance firms, brokers, and retail consumers with insurance rates and advantages online, in real-time. The Quotit technology platform is designed to enable independent brokers, and agencies to access compliant technology on a subscription basis that would otherwise be available only to more extensive, national brokers. This expansion provides consumers an opportunity to access community-based brokers without compromising the user experience

Check This Out: Quotit

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