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The cloud technologies are rapidly disrupting business models across industries, and the government is not an exception. Using the cloud, government agencies achieve integration between siloed applications and systems, allowing them to innovate within their business environment. The cloud adoption helps them consolidate data centers, digitalize governance initiatives, and automate paper-based processes, enhancing the velocity and quality of administrative services.

Although the market is flooded with cloud services providers, most of them fail to cater to the unique needs and expectations of the government agencies. With an added overhead of stringent security and compliance standards, many cloud service providers are standing up to the challenge with the necessary expertise, nuanced understanding of the government institutions, and certifications.

Identity authentication and data integrity are the key aspects of delivering services to the government. Any cloud services provider has to ensure it has implemented foolproof identity and access management (IAM) solution that is scalable and agile to facilitate smooth execution of the operations and workflow. The service providers also need to have strong teams that are experienced in handling the government requests at scale.

Government agencies have millions of citizens’ requests piled up into their database, and ensuring the timely fulfillment of these service requests is the biggest challenge. At the same time, they must keep all the stakeholders engaged and up-to-date while guaranteeing the quality of services meets expectations of the citizens. Responding to the needs of the public sector, many cloud service providers have enabled themselves with new capabilities to address the decades-old problem by helping agencies get rid of legacy practices while saving their precious resources.

Whether it’s tackling the challenges of supply chain management, citizen engagement, risk management or operational excellence, the cloud service providers listed in this edition of Gov CIO Outlook have taken on these challenges and addressed them effectively.

We are glad to feature Chicago-based BigTime Software on our annual list of Cloud 2019. BigTime Software offers professional services firms providing government contracting, with innovative time-tracking, billing and project management solutions. Another featured company, GCOM Software, offers managed services such as outsourcing strategy, application management, infrastructure management, and discrete business process outsourcing.

Hill Associates, a company with a unique solutions suite is helping government sector clients with cost model development of cloud-based services while formulating and executing budget plans. Also in the list is Virginia-based TekSynap that enables organizations to attain strategic and balanced cloud adoption in an agile and cost-effective manner.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, these cloud service providers are constantly proving their mettle in the field of cloud computing. We hope this issue of the Govt CIO Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to build and maintain an efficient cloud-based infrastructure.

We present to you Govt CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Cloud Consulting/Services Companies 2019”

Top Cloud Consulting/Services Companies

BigTime Software

BigTime Software delivers time-tracking, billing and project management software for more than 2,000 professional firms, tracking over $2 billion (USD) of billable time each year. BigTime Software mitigates the challenges associated with work hour logging, and empowers professional services firms offering government contracting with innovative tech solutions. With DCAA compliance built-in, BigTime Software is making government contracting much simpler than it used to be, without the burden of having to configure individual rules. BigTime’s solution suite can manage and automate mission-critical business tasks, whilst simultaneously acquiring an immersive and transparent view on the client, project, and financial stability

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GCOM Software

GCOM Software offers mobile and web development, software engineering, system integration, managed application services, project management, and cloud transformation services. These managed services include application management services, outsourcing strategy services, discrete business process outsourcing, and infrastructure management. GCOM Software focuses on data security and compliance during cloud transition and ensures a high level of security by delivering industry leaders’ cloud infrastructure level services. Additionally, the company addresses intricacies associated with cloud-based systems and internal/on-premise systems and provides a direct data link between the cloud systems and clients’ internal network, which secures data

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Hill Associates

As one of the leading players in the Cloud space offering products to clients from the government sector, Hill Associates is an IT partner that delivers a full range of business and technical advisory services, and assists clients in transitioning to the cloud. Over the past 17 years, Hill Associates has partnered with numerous clients to oversee smooth vendor implementations. The company’s team of experienced consultants aid clients in defining the key success criteria they want to achieve as a part of their cloud infrastructure strategy. They assist customers in the acquisition and procurement of new infrastructure by ensuring proper market research and zeroing in on appropriate cloud service providers

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Ravyn Systems

The firm offers public and private cloud computing, providing agile cloud consulting, adoption, migration, and transformation services for government and commercial clients

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TekSynap, an Information Technology and Services firm based in Virginia helps government agencies to shift toward a strategic and balanced cloud computing approach with benefits in terms of agility and cost-effectiveness. The firm offers a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology, innovation, and forward thinking to enables their clients to stay ahead of the pack. By cultivating a peerless corporate culture at each level, the firm integrates infrastructure and process models of larger organizations with agility of small companies. With this equilibrium in their corporate DNA, TekSynap meets organizations’ requirements to achieve additional savings, security, and deliver faster services

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) was launched in 2006, is one of the biggest developers of cloud computing solutions. It delivers critical infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services. It empowers companies to develop robust and unique business models, leveraging them to transform capital infrastructure expenses into variable costs. Armed with the capabilities of AWS, businesses no longer have to plan and procure servers and other IT resources weeks or months in advance. AWS offers economies of scale, bolstered by the expertise of Amazon, enabling business to access their robust resources whenever needed, delivering results a lot quicker at a lower cost


Cloudera specializes in delivering robust data capabilities to business organizations. After merging with Hortonworks, it is focusing on the development of the industry’s first enterprise data cloud, a modern data architecture designed for a data-driven world. Cloudera offers robust combinations of technological capabilities ranging from edge to AI. Founded in 2008 by innovative alumni from the premier companies of Silicon Valley, Cloudera stands on the principles of open source, open standards, and open markets. Cloudera provides data-driven capabilities to over 2000 customers in more than 28 countries, all from a wide range of markets


Enquizit, an advanced consulting partner for AWS, is an SBA 8(a) certified company specializing in designing, developing, and managing mission-critical applications for government, education, and commercial clients. It develops proprietary technology to simplify and streamline the cloud migration process. Organizations can leverage the offerings of Enquizit to facilitate the digital transformation of their business processes through AWS. Enquizit brings experience, vendor neutrality, and passion for delivering comprehensive technology solutions, aligned with the business goals and objectives set by the clients. Enquizit seamlessly manages the expectations of their customers, develops robust alliances, and forms passionate teams, all while balancing prudence with innovation


Granicus delivers innovative technology to government organizations, equipping them with robust capabilities to better serve the people. It offers industry-leading cloud solutions for communications, meeting and agenda management, and digital services to more than 4,000 organizations across the public sector. It transforms the challenging missions of the government into quantifiable realities through its technology. The products of Granicus connect more than 150 million, creating robust networks to bolster citizen engagement. It empowers government organizations to realize enhanced outcomes for citizens by optimizing the decision-making process. Headquartered in Denver, CO, the company was founded in the year 1999


Huddle assists organizations across the world in collaborating intelligently and transforming their work processes. The enterprise document collaboration company empowers organizations to efficiently store, discover, share, and work on content with others simply and securely in the cloud. It is a leading SharePoint alternative for enterprise content collaboration in the cloud. It is not only easy to deploy and manage, but also ensure user adoption and satisfaction. Its platform is leveraged by 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies, the central government of UK, and over 100,000 organization across the world, including Unilever, Kia Motors, National Grid, and P&G to securely manage projects, share files, and collaborate with people inside and outside their business.

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