Trends in the Food Industry

The food industry is evolving rapidly. In this article, food industry leaders and innovators weigh in on top trends driving change toward a healthier and more sustainable food future.

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1.How AI Caters to Restaurant Needs
With the implementation of cutting-edge food technology, the restaurant industry has been encouraging transparency, starting from the process of food sourcing to the plating of the dish. AI has made the food industry expendable with flexible menus, interactive customer service bots, and highly efficient restaurant management systems.

Redefining the food trends and customer service

AI is majorly information-driven; gathering information from different sources, organizing it, and offering suggestions to hoteliers is its fundamental goal in the restaurant management systems. The envisioning of market patterns, accessing information such as shipment, socio-economic, and many other areas to develop their patterns is a cakewalk for AI. Many changes have already been noted in the eatery business with the help of AI innovation.


AI-driven chatbots are the latest favorite in the eatery business as they provide a customized penetration and reclassification of clients based on their behavioral analysis. Chatbots are vastly becoming evident in cases where clients need nourishment or snack on the web, by discourse or content. Voice-powered chatbot applications cater to every need requested by the clients.


A booth is a little desk-like area with a display screen with the menu on showcase. It allows the diners to place their order from the stands, while it suggests combinations and add-ons depending on the taste we prefer, the intensity of saltiness, and type of refreshments. The booth accommodates an option of credit and debit cards so that the requirement of a clerk is nullified.

Food Delivery Applications

The online food ordering and delivery applications flooding the food industry, AI has taken a role of the judge, to decide which of the dishes need to made available considering different facts and parameters with respective verticals. On using AI, the deliver executive can be redirected towards the fastest route to increase efficiency. Restaurant Needs…

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2.Unleashing Unknown Benefits of Advanced Tech in the Food Industry

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The food industry is one among the several industries that benefited greatly due to the improvement in the digital world. One cannot deny the fact that food systems will involve technological updates like AI in a not too distant future. Indeed, people are living in the environment surrounded by the headlines on 3D printed food, artificial meat, and artificial flavors like rainbow bagels. As new technologies are on the horizon, they eventually change people’s relationships with food easier than before.

A recent survey by the United Nations Organization for Agriculture and Food (FAO) states that livestock production contributes to 18 percent of global greenhouse gases. Several large companies in the biotechnology realm work hard to combat this situation using food technology.

As a result, starting from robots to smart ovens that can read recipes, food technology has evolved in recent years. Automation, robotics, and AI are bound to play a crucial role in the food industry in the upcoming years.

A recent report by the Refresh Working Group, funded by Google and led by the Swell Creative Group San Francisco, aims to better comprehend how AI would transform the food industry. According to Ali Lange, Senior Public Policy Analyst, Google, the report has been initiated to bring in the technological benefits into the food production, consumption, and distribution.

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