Trends To Impact Automotive Cybersecurity

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Automotive industry might look stasis for cybersecurity, but there is a lot more going on to tackle the same. OEMs and their tier partners are joining hands to address the issue. Besides, chipmakers and cybersecurity vendors are working in tandem to mould new solutions for automakers. In the proximate future, several trends will affect cybersecurity standards in the automotive industry. Some would bolster the security system, and others would make it face crunch time.

Autonomous Vehicles

The most evident and awaited project of automakers which might find reality grounds very soon. Fully autonomous vehicles will comprise a plethora of sensors which will provide an easy target for carrying out malicious activities. As an outcome, manufacturers will have to invest heftily on vehicle security, both physical and cyber. Hackers will target their malicious intentions towards automated cars giving manufacturers security nightmares.

ECU Targeting

Advanced vehicles now include ECU to control most of the features like telematics and infotainment. Increasing demands of more such features with automation has bound manufacturers to consolidate ECU for better functioning and control over the vehicles. It sounds great to have more automatic features, but the other side of the coin is, ECU with higher control will enable hackers to get control over the vehicle and might harm passengers with accidents. Impact Automotive…

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