What Drives The Customer Experience In The Life Sciences Industry

For life sciences organizations, the customer experience is crucially essential their priorities, and that they risk falling behind competitors if they don’t enhance their customer experience offering. Majority of marketing leaders in this sector report that optimized, personalized customer experience drives improved bottom-line business benefits and enhances consumer satisfaction and retention. This articulates a real pain point for life sciences organizations.

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However, prioritizing customer experience from a strategic, operational, and technical perspective represents a significant opportunity for organizations to gain a competitive advantage. Read on to know more.

As the understanding of customer experience has evolved to truly encapsulate end-to-end customer journey, and as technological innovations have increasingly allowed experience and data continuity across devices, platforms and channels, firms are looking inwards to assess where ownership of the customer experience sits within the organizations.

Ensuring continuity of the customer experience throughout teams that align with several sales funnel stages is mandatory. Still, companies need to consolidate ownership of customer experience under one department responsible for the overall strategy, breaking down and driving operational efficiency, and streamlining interaction with the customer.

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Life sciences respondents believe that artificial intelligence and would enable the organization to provide a better customer experience. AI and machine learning will allow better CX, and firms leverage these technologies to automate, personalize, and optimize the customer experience. Given the comparative perspective that CX is a gatekeeper for business growth, this points to life sciences organizations’ opportunity to create distance from their competitors.

Historically, the life sciences industry has looked to spread customer experience efforts across all phases of the patient journey to cover all the bases. Still, this practice is not a smart use of effort or money. The journey towards a new customer experience model will have several twists and turns and require a digital transformation commitment. But for today’s life sciences industry, it is clear that a digital, direct-to-consumer future.

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